30 day challenge (possible ego bruising ahead)

Okaaaaaaaay! I just registered for the 30 day challenge. Seriously? Now, thinking about it I'm trying not to s**t myself. 30 days of hot yoga…ha… (my ego trip is in for some serious popping). I only registered on a whim (actually a challenge from another yogi). I could have declined but where's the fun in that? Bring on the challenge (not).
So today is day 1 and I feel invigorated. I have just had one class and I'm contemplating taking another class this evening so tomorrow could be a rest day…not too sure if it works that way.
(Kinda doubt it)…no harm in asking.
I hope to take a class daily (if my body and mind don't rebel and scream in protest).
I'm already wondering if I need to go to the gym for some stamina backup.
Day 1 and all these questions…oh well…I bit it and will damn well chew it!!!
(stubbornness will get me through, I hope).

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