I’m finding it very haaaard to hide my smile!!!! Sitting in the train…looking around and thinking “suckers!!!…you are going to work through summer (most probably) whilst I enjoy a six week break”. Incredulous these assumptions of mine…but right now I’m on cloud nine and nothing else matters apart from the fact that today is Thursday and school’s out tomorrow!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a ‘free’ bird….flapping my wings furiously in anticipation of my impending ‘freedom’. I knowingly (not entirely willingly) strode into the 9 to 5 trap in order to shake off the weight of debt.  I ‘cosied’ the trap with all kinds of justification (actually, tell a lie…it’s not really a trap)…more like keeping my head above water in a sink or swim gig. It is actually not as terrible as I’m making out…just cannot help gloating that a six week (well deserved) break is one day away. Just one more school day and I’m dancing a very joyous gig. (No more a slave to my alarm…jumping up as soon as it goes off). Nope….I’m going to savour six weeks that school is off limits. Six weeks of me time…of yoga…blogging…gym…art…Netflix…fun not yet thought up. Six weeks of no ‘alarm clock jump out of bed moments’

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