The ‘hard way’

My whole body is aching from hot yoga asanas combined with a gruelling week at work! Everywhere hurts…my muscles ache. I’ve pushed myself to the limit…don’t know if I can take anymore exercise. I’m booked for ‘ab blast’ at a local gym…whaaaaaa??? my body is screaming aghast but…curiosity has the better of me. Glutton for punishment…doing things the hard way. Who combines hot yoga with gym workouts on a whim? Yep…yours sincerely. Every muscle in my body hurts…seems like every muscle bar my face (muscles).  I have bitten off a (****) lot and you bet ‘I’m gonna chew’. Constantly competing against myself…I have no idea how to concede. A breather (on paper) sounds reasonable. Stubborn doggedness isn’t always reasonable….so my muscles ache. 

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