Day 2 and 3

My sense of smell is astute. I actually thought I was going to pass out after my practice today from the fumes (of sweat and detergent on spandex). I 'ponged'…my sweaty spandex almost asphyxiated me. This is Day 2.

Day 3. I feel a lot better after my practice today…got myself a new set of spandex. Have no intention of being asphyxiated (by sweat and detergent on spandex) whilst in child's pose. Feeling pretty confident….it's only day 3…(tiny drops…mighty ocean). 'I've got this' my resolute will tells me. Well, 27 days to go….with a possible 30 day challenge ✅ yet to fill my bag.

It's pretty amazing how some poses come naturally and others are an absolute struggle…like 'eagle pose' cannot get my foot behind my shin…(don't know if it will happen…maybe…fingers crossed) and getting my butt down to my heels in a kneeling pose is just beyond me (at the moment). Even sitting cross legged without support is a bummer. But give me camel pose and my body just eases into it…I can put my hands in reverse prayer pose into a forward bend but yoga toes … count me out. (Hopefully my body just might accept poses with practice). I'll probably throw a party the day I can kneel sitting back on my heels.

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