Day 4 & 5

Day 4? Trying not to lose count…(already). It's only day 4!!!!! Feel like I've been on this 30 day challenge forever!!!!

I do feel refreshed…(a good thing) but I'm quite surprised it's only day 4. (tiny drops; mighty ocean). The yoga instructor today was brilliant and very encouraging…correcting and suggesting alternate poses all the way. Reminding yogis of the benefits of poses…and encouraging the holding of poses. So it wasn't rushed…it was stretching.

Day 5. Regardless what I look like…I am knackered!

Did my very best to keep my eyes open for this selfie…when all I really want to do is curl up anywhere and snooze…
Knackered is an understatement.

To make it worse…I chose this 30 day challenge time to cut down on carbs!!!! Who does that??? Piling on the pressure! I looooooove carbs! White bread toasted is glorious…yum with peanut butter…more-ish with beans (baked or not). I could possibly live without potatoes…pasta is another go-to for me. Cut out pasta?? Impossible…cut down…well I'm trying and failing right now. Come to think of it, that's probably why I was knackered after practice today…I haven't had toast!!! I am going to attempt to cut down on carbs…but where on earth would I find the energy to complete this challenge without my toastie?

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