Aaaaaaargh!!!! I cannot believe I'm actually going to get my nails done. A manicure is not a bad thing….it's just not my thing…I abhor nail polish on my nails but actually like it on anyone else's nails. Hubby and I are going to some party….I'm gritting my teeth and trying very hard to play along. Telling me he wants me to look good…..the cheek of it!!!! as though a manicure is all it takes to make me look good. I still cannot believe I'm going along with this!

So, I got nails done…(shape and polish) don't have the patience or time for a manicure.

Actually like it….didn't think I would….even asked for my toenails to be painted….was told that would be a 20 minute wait. Time is precious…so 'no toenails' at the moment. Might go back later to get toenails done…just could not sit twiddling thumbs for that long.
Hubby probably knows me more than I realise…the novelty factor of paint on my nails has got me suckered…and I want more… (fickle or what…?)

Shape and polish cost me a fiver and I'm told paint on toenails will cost a tenner… and the lady was going on about drying time and the shoes I'm wearing….not a clue what she was on about…curiosity has definitely got the better of me and with every passing minute I feel I have to go back and get toenails done.

For someone who abhors nail polish I am well and truly … the British weather.

So I decided against going back to the nail salon…not because I don't want to….I just don't have the time to. Hubby is already fretting wondering what's taking me so long. Aside from the fact that I had to pick up a dress for the party…he wanted me to get my nails done and I want my toenails done as well. So I have bought myself nail polish. And I'm going to attempt to paint my toenails myself….with a steady hand whist on a train!

Not happy with the result…(bit sloppy, I feel).

And for all my rushing ….hubby is not even dressed to go!!!! I should have gone back to the nail salon!

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