Taking stock (taking steps)

It’s taken me sooooo loooong to really understand my body. 50 years long to be precise. I assumed I knew my body…I’ve been winging it. My body actually dislikes red meat, loves stretching through yoga, loves water, enjoys a good night’s sleep and my hair likes being nurtured (protective styling).

Just realising….(but never too late eh?)

Pretty amazing what you find when you go through WP draft posts.

Found the above post amongst my drafts and how apt it is. Never really knew my body. I do know though (touch wood); thankfully not abusing it even though hubby keeps telling me I push myself too far. Personally don’t think so. I know I seem to have boundless energy and never stop till I conk out. Yoga has helped me ‘iron out’ some kinks, water keeps me hydrated and my mind needs stimulation.

So how far is ‘far’? Energy burnout can be refuelled.

Obviously need to remember to get a good night’s sleep (as stated in draft post). Totally forgot about that…

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