Not counting anymore.

I’m on the last legs of this 30 day hot yoga challenge and I’m really tired!!! The problem is not ‘stretching into the poses’….(I give my all)…the real problem is the motivation to leave the comfort of my home and drag myself to the yoga studio. I really need to beat this mindset!

Towards the end of challenges (I set myself)…I get bored and I’m like…‘this journey is about to end…not fun anymore’. I tend to live in the moment…and bore easily…completion feels so regimented and I hate ticking boxes. I enjoy journeys and seeing what’s round the corner. I like surprises…overcoming obstacles. And this whole ’30 day thing’ is now doing my head in.

I don’t want to complete it because completing it comes with gratification of 20% off membership cost and a free t shirt- (that is definitely ticking a box)….it’s very ‘been there; done that.

But…(for my own sanity) I want to complete what I’ve started. I hate leaving things hanging.

Next class is at 7pm… I intend to drag myself there and get probably day 26 over and done with. I have lost count!

I’m so much more motivated by results than rewards. I want to see what would happen…I don’t want to ‘be given something’. I just realised I’m process-driven…interesting. I feel the journey never really ends…it just gets more challenging…interesting.

I’m never participating in a time framed challenge again!!!! I find the tail end tiresome.

(never say never)


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