Day 9

Day 9. I approached today's practice with trepidation… (some part of me didn't want to go). I dilly dallied as much as possible, and basically forced myself to go. And it was good…really good…better than yesterday. 21 days to go…that's a lot of days.
My knees are getting a bit calloused…I going to have to moisturise religiously after practice.
I feel rested rather than knackered which is a gooood thing. I was sweatier than usual today…funny how I'm concerned about the mundane- sweat, knees. Must be getting into the swing of my practice.
Don't want to get too comfortable…still want to push myself. To keep challenging myself. (me thinks I'm being too critical…it's ok to have a restful day).
I can't say practice today was a breeze but it wasn't a struggle either. It was more of a work out…I was distracted by my sweaty self…I just kept wondering whilst holding asanas why I was so sweaty…. asking myself whether or not I drank too little water.
I was going through the motions…(terrible but true) and didn't hold poses for too long. I wasn't really in the moment.

I am being overly critical. Stop now… bruised from beating myself up. Not good.


  1. I’m sure you did fine at practice! 😊 It’s ok to be out of it sometimes, there’s always next practice!

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