I was pleasantly surprised today at my ab blast class (gym). I could do the plank easier. Considering the fact that I haven't been to the gym in over 2 weeks now. Just been practising yoga….obviously yoga is strengthening my core. Yippee yay!! Results!! Felt a little bit like a show off cos for one…I was late to the class and just got stuck in…doing the plank like 'no man's business'. Even the sit-ups with a weighted gym ball were a breeze. So proud of myself.

(This 30 day hot yoga challenge is very good for me).

Even my posture has improved…I caught my reflection on my way home from the gym and my butt wasn't sticking out. I am subconsciously tucking my tailbone in. And to think I was basically beating myself up yesterday. Nah!!!! (what doesn't break you; makes you stronger). Hats off to moi…I'm making progress.


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