Yoga!!! I am so chilled …(without being laid back). I feel more attuned to my body…and all this water guzzling is ‘killing’ my sweet tooth-ish. I say -ish because my sweet tooth has definitely become more selective…saying yes to toffee but yuck to ripe plantains. I like savoury without the sweet. My preoccupation with guzzling water is shocking to me…I never knew the day would come when I’d have a water bottle attached to my hip! 

My yoga journey started out on a whim and now it’s hook, line and sinker. I’m a sucker for hot yoga so much so that I’m reading up on the benefits of rest days in order to pace myself. My knees are aching and ‘no pain no gain’ comes to mind hurtling me towards ‘yoga injury’. I intend to observe this rest day (as hard as it is to) … forcing myself to step back from the ‘yoga junkie’ precipice. 

(I really looove hot yoga…my joints ache…hot yoga is soooo yum….resting requires discipline. Do I want the discipline of rest?…really? Yeah…if only for my joints. No pain no gain.)

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