I choose ‘smelly’ over ‘stench’. 

Feeling both anticipation and trepidation! So it’s either the first female president or first ‘reality tv’ president but OMG!…I’m definitely feeling the heat…the tension as the world waits with baited breath to see what tomorrow brings. I wish I could fast forward, take a peek and rewind back to today. If this was a novel, I would have read the back pages by now, just to know how the story ends. I really hope that Americans voting right now, are not voting to be entertained. At a time like this, it’s just best to go with the lesser evil for the common good. It’s definitely not the time to score points rather it’s time to vote with conscience and to think ‘who is a teensy bit equipped for this job?’  By process of elimination, I know who I’d want to be the next president. If I had to choose between smelly and stinking up the whole house…I’d go with smelly. 

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