Wow…some messed up ‘stuff’ I have got to kick!

I seriously need to get into the habit of planning a little more in advance. Cos I just seem to live life flying by the seat of my pants…‘last minute dot com’ and I need to ease off the full speed throttle forcing me to make split decisions that don’t always pan out. 

Last year, I told myself that I’d get tickets to a firework display in advance and this year I’m ‘sat at home’ listening to the boom of fireworks going off outside.  I actually tried to buy tickets this morning…(tickets have been on sale since October). I don’t know why I do this, I could possibly be a terrible ‘go to’ person for a contingency plan cos I just might say ‘let’s wait, see what happens before we decide’. Spur of the moment is all well and good but come on, I’m kicking myself cos I’d rather be out there watching the fireworks!  And I don’t mean staring up at the sky on some street corner…I mean a ticketed event with food and music but no. 

I do this with exhibitions as well, I’ll go see an exhibition on the last day and I’m like whaaa…whyyy wait till the last minute?  Not a question of ‘I can’t help it…I have got to help it’…last minute dot com is certainly not fun today cos I can still hear the fireworks booming and I’m sitting moaning about not planning for this day…I mean, wow, I surpass even myself with this ‘no plans in place’ attitude.  Last year, I found out that tickets sell out fast, this year I wait till the last minute again!!!  Argggghhh!!! I suppose that explains why I don’t have a calendar or any kind of planner hanging in this house; don’t keep an appointment diary of any sort (not even on my phone) cos I’m like ‘I’ll decide –in the moment-‘. But obviously, deciding ‘in the moment’ doesn’t always pan out. I need to try to keep some kind of calendar so that I could remind myself when events such as Bon fire night are coming up and at least attempt to buy tickets in advance…instead of missing out and moaning about it. It’s so weird that I just do not keep calendars.  Never even buy them…even a desk calendar would be useful! Tsk! (thinking on my feet, my foot). 

Fine…we’re in November…seems a bit too late to buy a calendar for this year. Jeez! (but I do need a calendar though). Wow…I’m actually trying to convince myself to buy a calendar! I need a calendar…it would be good for me…it’s not a bad thing. So why don’t I buy the idea? Fine, tomorrow like it or not I am going to buy a calendar even if it makes me puke. 

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