Relish…is the word I would use. I relish my new role as SEN Art TA. Because it’s in a secondary school, I take on a lot more responsibility, best of all, it’s art. No more covering subjects I have very limited knowledge about (regardless whether a teacher leaves lesson notes or not). The students are delightful…enthusiasm for learning is so infectious. I looove explaining the techniques I know as well as learning new ones. Art is such a buzz!…the teacher I support is a brilliant artist (a sculptor) and an amazing teacher. I’m learning so much about how to teach art using a curriculum. I love this job!  It just ties in with everything I want to do…sure during the week I am knackered cos some days are tougher than others but challenges always make us push ourselves. Throughout the school Makaton is used and I’m picking it up. (I love how expressive it is). The artistic talent of so many of these youngsters is off the charts cos they are so focused. I’m enthused..being inspired by their work. 

It’s Friday…I should be heaving sighs of relief after a long week but I’m not. Instead I’m looking forward to Monday!!!  Obviously ..I’m going to chill…possibly go see fireworks tomorrow but wow…I’m on a brilliant learning curve at the SEN school. 


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