Something has to give!…I’ve got to find a midpoint…balancing being an employee and a self employed artist is proving too big a mouthful!  I am pining for the studio…(my workspace)…not my employer’s. Don’t get me wrong…(or do…cos I don’t get me right now…or maybe I do)…I enjoy working as an Art SEN teaching assistant. I’m learning so much! But…I need my own creative fix…my head is full of ideas that are yet to be implemented because I cannot seem to find the time!!! Not enough hours in the day…and even if there were…I’m too knackered at the end of the day to go to the studio and (I absolutely hate it!!!) I like the job cos it’s right up my alley but I hate the fact that I have not found a way to balance working two jobs!  I need the studio just as much as I need financial security…well…the job pays for the studio at the moment. I have to create a body of work but how will I create a body of work if I am hardly ever in the studio??? Considering working from home but nah!!! not really working…can only do so much!! I simply have to find a balance!  I actually brought work home yesterday!! Work from the school!!! WTF!!!


Some people are able to manage two jobs…I have no idea how!  And quite a lot of the staff at the SEN school have loads of other commitments…musicians, artists, MA students…I seriously need to quit whinging and find a way to balance. 


  1. I believe you can do it. I’m sure you keep a notebook with ideas and all of that. You just need to get your tired behind into the studio. My guess is that your art will rejuvenate and motivate you.
    Small but regular periods of time, I hope will do it for you. Crossing my fingers and saying prayers for you. (No, I am not superstitious.) You go girl!

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