Time to ‘get on with it’

I have to make time for myself…I simply cannot carry on like this…swamped by work…too tired to even voice my thoughts. Nah!!!! …(no, can do) I’ve just about had it with chasing my tail. Tired or not!! I’m going to get my groove back…dance to my own beat and dictate my own tune. I’m the piper…these are choices I made…and I have to be on top of my choices…not beaten down by them. So yes…just because I find myself working two jobs (employed and self employed) doesn’t mean the clock of my ‘me time’ has stopped. Simply means I need to get out of this funk…yes, seems like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…well, I’m going to have to learn to keep calm and control my eating habits by taking manageable mouthfuls. Give the food some time to digest which will in turn give me time to breathe (and basically stop chasing my tail). Half the time seems like there are not enough hours in the day…but I can find time if I really want to…by using pity party time a lot more constructively.  No more ‘woe is me’ cos ‘woe’ and ‘me’ are not in the same boat!!! (Don’t ask me how)…but one of us jumped ship…

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