Not thinking out loud

It is so weird…having moments when you want to shout everything from the rooftops and moments when you simply don’t want to talk. That seems to be where I’ve been for a bit… and I like it (-ish).  It’s great to talk…but it is equally just as fulfilling to sometimes not think out loud. I’ve been mulling over things…and I realise that mulling should not take forever else I begin to stew in my own thoughts. So right now I’m thinking out loud-ish. Feel like I’ve been holed up in my head and even now I’m simply doing a sound bite with all this chat. Airing out my head, so to speak to create room for more thoughts to internalise…not quite ready to think out loud completely …just really in the keeping some thoughts to myself bin. And I can’t help it…doing a lot of internalising lately and I like it. Sometimes…mostimes it’s okay to say nothing out loud…just mull thoughts over. Let yourself be…I suppose I just might talk a lot more when I’m ready…when I’m done internalising. 

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