The Tate Modern

Waiting to see the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition at the Tate Modern…(just one hour to go) been waiting since 1pm and its 3pm now. Actually thought my three hour wait would be tedious but I have been pleasantly surprised. Can’t remember ever visiting the Tate Modern…so glad I’m here now. Actually I probably have …just that it’s been so long ago …definitely inconsequential because I have not the foggiest when I ever visited. Probably as part of an art course when the visit to this brilliant (not even going to call it a gallery….it’s is an experience)…calling it a gallery just kinda limits it to …(got no words). I’m actually kicking myself….with a very happy smile and no ouch. Eager to see the Georgia O’ Keefe exhibition at 4pm but meanwhile my wait at the Tate Modern is turning out to be inspiring and exhilarating. Well worth the visit!!!


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