Don’t know…

With so many things on my mind it’s hard to know where to start without screaming!!! At least thank goodness I entertained myself today by going to see an exhibition. I’ve just been in a very funny mood…just going through the motions. But I’m all good… need to snap out of it. I really miss the studio and creating artwork…working away from studio is beginning to take it’s toll. I haven’t painted anything the whole of this month!!!! And now I work 5 days a week!!! Don’t mind me…there has to be something else…actually there is. My head is full of thoughts and I’ve just been so quiet for so long that I don’t even feel like chatting…I just want to scream (no, I don’t). I’m just antsy and I don’t know why!


  1. It’s always like that sometimes, at times I don’t usually feel like chatting, with many thoughts and imaginations. But you just need to be calm, then slowly figure out those things you usually think about and then find a solution to all of them one after the other. I think with that you will continue having a great time with no much stress in mind….

      1. It’s 🆒 to have time out, since it won’t bring any problem between you and your employer, life needs to be followed with care and endurance because if it’s been taking by force, the person will end up getting hurt…

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