Georgia O’Keefe

I only have one word for Georgia O’Keefe – POWERFUL. 

What an exhibition!!  I didn’t sneakily take any pictures out of respect for rules. I wish I could have. Was simply too engrossed in her paintings. Wow!!! Her use of colour is astounding. I am in awe of this absolutely genius artist who was pretty fiesty and dogged in the way she executed her paintings. Layers and layers of colour (most definitely thinned) that have to be seen to be believed. 

Well…I just sneakily took one pic (you snooze; you lose)…well couldn’t resist breaking the ‘no photos allowed’ rules. Her work encourages defiance!

This painting is titled It was blue and green. Painted in 1960. 


  1. I like people who break rules for the right cause😃!! The painting was worth breaking the rule it’s beautiful

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