WordPress ‘likes’ and ego trips. 

Just read this awesome post by insanitybytes22 and it has just got my goat! It’s about ‘Liking likers’. I read it and I’m like whaaaat???…a debate actually exists on WordPress about clicking ‘like’ without commenting on posts. Like seriously??? 

insanitybytess22 got it in one!…brilliantly written post. I’m like who are these people that want cartwheels and somersaults because they have posted their opinions on WordPress? I mean…stop me if I’m wrong…but I assumed that the first rule of any sort of creative expression was ‘to thyself be true’…(stay with me)…so in effect when we post our opinions on WordPress…whether we get comments or not should not be the issue. You say what you believe and leave it at that….  No one needs to throw a party by way of commenting because of a post. I’m not going to do a jig and post a comment if I have nothing to say!  A debate???…seriously??? It’s an outlet for creative expression…not a popularity contest or arm wrestling for feedback (by way of comments). The fact that other bloggers even like a post …let me rephrase that…take time out of their own busy schedules to appreciate a post by clicking like…should be enough. 

Ego trips knock me for six!!!

It really does not matter if a post is liked or not; commented on or not. When the validation (by way of a running commentary of what other people think) begins to matter more than what you think of your own opinion…wow…(seriously? a breather is in order)


  1. I agree. Well said. Write because you want to in the first place. WordPress (like so many places online) isn’t necessarily the best way to gain validation anyway. Often I prefer to leave no comment because I have nothing more to add to what was already a fine post, and other comments tend to say what I already was going to by the time I get to the post.

  2. Some times like minded people flock together and then there are hordes of likes ….How intense a post is , makes many to get intensely like , dislike or argue……as long as we stay interested in others , we earn a right to stay there …or so I think……

    I appreciate your honesty …we are alike ! If I can dare say that in this aspect ?:-)

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