What a day I’m having!

This is doing my nut! (not really…I’m cushty…just feel like exaggerating). I am a little bit flabbergasted 😲!  Okay…so not working as a playground instructor at the mo…if you ask me, job was a bit iffy…(children are delightful but no…I had just about had my fill of playgrounds!) only thing I regret a teensy bit is that I had not finished sketching the climbing frame!  So I have now registered with another teaching agency and I keep being sent to cover classes where there is already a teacher present…and these teachers are just as flabbergasted as me cos they are like ‘I have no idea why you were sent here to cover a lesson I am teaching!’ and I’m like ‘I have no idea either but I’m here to help if you need me’. So right now, I’m sitting in the staff room waiting for the next class which was supposed to be period 3 but is now period no idea when twiddling my thumbs…no…blogging when I could be teaching or doing my utmost to support a teacher by encouraging students to learn. 

So back to the point and the reason I’m kinda cushty to be sitting thumb-twiddlingly blogging…the class I was supposed to cover is a Maths class! Mathematics! Are you kidding me? I did not even offer to be of any assistance to the teacher when she moaned about why I’m here to cover her class. I happily went along with her chagrin and I suggested I could wait in the staff room for my next class. Mathematics!!! How would I motivate anyone to learn Maths when I try my hardest to avoid the subject?  It’s a brilliant subject…my son loves it! I respect anyone who is great at Maths cos of their so very logical way of thinking. But if I am motivating learners, I would also like to be able to point them in the right direction. How can I suggest ways to tackle a maths problem when I don’t even understand it in the slightest? So right now, once again I say, I’m cushty…however it would be nice to know if I will still get paid!!! The whole idea of a job on the side is to fund my art practice…extra income is great for exhibition costs. So if I keep getting sent to cover lessons for an absent teacher who is actually present…as long as I get paid for my time, I’m not dancing for joy at sitting in a staff room twiddling and blogging but I’m not that upset either!  Maybe I should call the agency…(not really too keen on ‘imposed staffroom duty’). 

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