I just can’t…bottle up. 

Now I know I’m pretty fearless as regards blaaabing…I just let loose. I never really got it till basically my last post (which was pretty explicit). I just talk… You cannot tell me anything that matters to me and say ‘don’t say I told you’…you are joking!  If you tell me that someone said something about me and you think I’m not going to confront the person, you seriously have another think coming!  That’s why no one tells me anything, especially not idle gossip. If something is bothering me, you will know…I don’t keep schtum. But if it is something not pertaining to me, your secret is safe. I can’t help it, my heart is on my sleeve. 

The words just bubble to the surface and out my mouth…or onto my blog (in this case)…half the time my hubby’s asking ‘wha you doing? Blogging again?’ At least it’s way better than acting out…I used to smash things up (had such a volatile temper)…I remember burning all the clothes of a love cheat way before I got married…and telephoning the said love cheat to let him know that I had just burnt all his clothes. And before I started blogging avidly…I threw away plates and glasses because my hubby hardly ever cleared up after himself…obviously when he wondered what had happened to most of our plates and glasses, I told him I had chucked them. He replaced them and begged me not to chuck these new ones away…that I should talk to him first. The thing is talking definitely soothes me…I get it out my system cos I’m not going to stew and if I don’t talk…it’s going to come out somehow.


  1. Talking and blogging. Definitely much better than breaking plates. Unless you’re Greek. I’ve hear the Greek love to smash things up. (Actually, I’m pretty sure there are tons of Greeks out there who don’t like smashing things up so I should probably be a bit more careful what I joke about.) 😛

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