Explicit…(adult content)

Just listened to an awesome podcast (Tony Single’s crumbcast) on Intimacy and it really helped. I actually thought I was in the minority. When I was younger, I was highly sexually active…(take it as you may…FYI – I don’t mean numerous sexual partners…I mean I was the height of sexually adventurous with hubby).  I guess I still am…however there are points where I draw the line (which used to frustrate my hubby) but now we are on the same page.  For starters, I absolutely hate being touched in any way whatsoever…just don’t touch me…I’ll do the touching. (Actually , it’s groping and probing I absolutely hate…I’ll do the investigating).  Secondly, I hate saliva…so no tongues ever…(I used to love being French-kissed). Hubby used to get so frustrated but…he understood and now we are so much closer for it. He is the yin to my yang. Peas in pod…very touchy-feely without the grind. So when he stopped feeling ‘randy’ …it was like all my Christmases had come at once. I cannot imagine my life without him cos hubby just gets me….and I get him.  There are loads of things he’ll let me try (at least once) with him that are an absolute no-go area for me. Maybe one day…but right now I’m basically the dominatrix with an acquiescent and awesome hubby. 


  1. I’m glad that anything I’ve said could be of some small help to you. It’s an area of life that’s often quite hard to talk about, even with the person you’re being intimate with. Love and sex are funny old things, aren’t they? 😛

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