Not going to rinse…

I need to start rethinking the way I get ready in the morning…because I never know what I’m going to wear till after I’ve had a bath. But, now I’m going to try sorting out what I’ll wear before I have a bath. Don’t know how it’s going to pan out cos I’m always like ‘I’ll make up my mind in the moment’. So, let’s see if this works…(seems pretty anal, if you ask me)…but I suppose being super organised is pretty anal and I can be very scatty which is not a laudable trait. So I’m going to try to be a bit more organised and make (anally) great use of my time. It’s my rude day today hence my continuous reference to the rectum. A little bit of potty mouth never hurt nobody (yeah right!) …you’ve got to love double negatives, after all in maths double negatives equal a positive…(believe me, I’m talking shit…no reference to the word ‘anal’…I’m just talking shit). Okay…I need to be more organised so I am going to lay out my clothes before I have a bath. (Now, that wasn’t so hard…wasn’t even a mouthful). However, I have no intention of gargling …potty mouth or not. I’m trying not to have a shitty day. 


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