Pulling teeth…

Tick tock tick tock! I am the Queen of lazing around at the moment. Basically forcing myself to get a move on. Feel like I’ve missed out on so much since Friday…the Olympics for one, didn’t get to watch the cauldron lit…was knackered. It’s been such a sunny weekend…all I’ve been doing is catching up on work (been playing a lot of catch up lately)…not that I even want to…it’s by force…either get the work done or return deposits paid (a no-brainer)…need every penny right now. Wish I could press pause and stop time for 12 hours…I’ll just get some kip. Get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about the mountain of work I’ve got waiting for me!!!!! Whoever said time flies when you are having fun? I’m not having fun and time is basically tripping over itself to flee as far away from me as possible. I’m basically (I say basically  a lot) …I’m left stunned at the speed at which time is flying by me. I’m going to have to pull an all nighter to get all this work done. If only I actually felt like doing all this work it would be a walk in the park…but I don’t (and I have to). Right now, I would rather go to the dentist!

Need to find a way to clear my head …(scrap that) just chatting about this is clearing my head. Would be great to go for a walk as well…miss the park…want to be out in the sunshine…(I’m not a very happy bunny right now) but I will be once I get some work done…maybe at least 25% of the work (that would be a start). 

What’s annoying me the most is everyone else seems to be having such a swell time putting their feet up whilst my feet are throbbing. …and my tummy is hurting (okay…enough of this pity party). For how much longer am I going to talk myself into getting work done? It would be great to watch the Olympics! (once every leap year…I would rather watch sports…and it is such a brill show of excellence)

Bear with me …I seriously need to waffle …it’s chaos in my head right now as panic is doing its utmost to set in. The more I chat about nothing…the more I declutter my mind…the faster I get to work and hey presto! …happy bunny moi hops on the scene, work all done and raring to go have some fun (it’s summer…tired of being shackled to clients’ briefs!)

Cos I’m moaning so much it’s not even remotely possible that I’ll get work done (wow, I surpass even myself…not remotely possible indeed). I need to get to work pronto. Talk about being defeatist, how exhausting!

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