Plugged in…(online)

My phone is most definitely an appendage…and the rare moments when I don’t pick it up all day are like nirvana. I feel liberated (always after the fact though)…I’m like ‘I haven’t touched my phone all day…I feel so good…I’ve just been so calm all day…wow’…and then obviously I pick up my phone. I always know where my phone is…most times I do…and the weirdest thing is that I take it everywhere…to the khazi, the bathroom, the kitchen (when going to use the microwave). The location of my phone is on a need to know basis. Now the kicker is I’ve got two phones and one is of more importance to me than the other. One is a safety blanket, the other a lifeline (how pathetic). I must be the only person in this house who takes a phone to the khazi…so much so that once when I forgot, I almost called out for my son to get my phone but I didn’t…even I thought that would be a bit much. So the last thing I need my phone for is a phone call…I am so not interested in phone calls…my phone exists for anything but phone calls, text messages, fb messenger and whatsapp. Half the time I get complaints like ‘didn’t you see my message?’ ‘Why do you even have a phone if you are not going to answer it?’  The safety blanket phone is there for my playlist and the lifeline phone for emails, Netflix, uber, city mapper, weather, WordPress, Google and a wide range of apps that have nothing to do with keeping in touch with anyone. If my phone had no internet connection it would truly be of no use to me. 


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