Tunnel vision

Not everyone is racist (obviously) but when people are racist…it is so tiring. Imagine the weight of those chips on their shoulders. Imagine the hate they carry in their hearts, the bitter taste in their mouths…imagine how much they are missing out with that tunnel vision. Imagine the strain of those smiles when they have to pretend to be inclusive when in fact they are not. Imagine…a life half lived. I feel sorry for racists…because a life half lived is stunted …unable to see beyond skin colour. It’s ignorant …tunnel vision…not mixing in, not really caring or sharing…not learning so much about others… not growing through open mindedness. You have to pity racists …cos tunnel vision, hate, pretended smiles…forever concentrating on skin colour must be such a drag!  Imagine living a life where all you see is skin colour…not character, not intellect, not humour, not idiosyncrasies…just skin colour. And forever having to find excuses to not participate because the way the game looks affects your sensibilities!  Life is a game and I want to participate because the more I play, the more I learn and become a better me (by interacting with other players). Let the spoilsports stay on the sidelines; it’s their loss. 


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