It’s not a game…

Mum called this afternoon to ask if I had heard of what’s happening in the U.S.  I hadn’t …been in a Netflix world all week. 

I’m tired of news about gun crime, tired of trigger happy cops, tired of how obvious it is that power corrupts, tired of revenge attacks, tired of people playing cops and robbers in the street as though bang bang you’re dead is a right of passage…some secret code to being all that. It is so sad…that it has become the norm so much so …that I’m still watching Netflix…that it has become so blasé…that so many people like me …just give up at the violence that has now become everyday news…not everything is ever reported because it is so commonplace and so numbing. How sad…that fingers twitch…shoot to kill and guns are more venerated than lives…and some people licensed to carry arms feel a sense of entitlement…that guns are the new currency of the misinformed…the lingua franca that interprets as ‘I own you’, ‘I do as I please’, ‘I answer to no one’. It’s so tiring that guns are in the wrong hands most of the time. 

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