I’m not alone 

You have to laugh at life’s curveballs (to stop yourself from screaming or tearing your hair out or doing both at the same time). This past week has been some wild curveball (could not catch it if I tried). Done trying…just being…watching the game and smiling (with such steely resolve that tears simply back off and refuse to drop) and that suits me just fine. I’m like…this game will end at some point and even if it doesn’t …I’m moving on…haven’t the slightest inclination to stay on the sidelines watching forever (for one more day…just seems like forever). I’ve got bootstraps…so I’m going to pick myself up by my bootstraps (gibberish)…and just be me. Forget the bootstraps…God’s got my back!  I’m just going to have faith that I’m going through a season that will definitely pass. I mean…come on…I feel so much better than I did yesterday and the day before. The rancour and bitterness is passing…not throwing any pity parties in my head. Just standing…knowing I do not have to lean on my own strength. 

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