I had fun…

I had a brill time yesterday. Just letting my hair down and I do love dancing. My hubby on the other hand, was not on the dance floor once. He just sat quietly chatting to cousins. He did not take a sip of alcohol…I only noticed when we were toasting the birthday girl (his 80 year old aunt). Hubby said he didn’t want any alcohol in his system …okay…I didn’t push it cos I know he likes a tipple or two (and was probably too self conscious to let loose). But I let loose on the dance floor. The music was gooood. Through, hubby’s eyes I could see very clearly big time down sides of being a people pleaser – he had no fun. Just took pics, and sat quietly chatting.  Anyway, I had fun – even got a selfie with birthday girl to mark the occasion. 

She is such fun and loves a boogie. I feel hubby missed out on a brill time. Yeah…he was at the party but as a spectator ( that’s a bit harsh) …as a willing attendee, I guess. Not as part of the groove. A party is made up of people having a blast!  Music is there for good measure and for a good shakeup!  Hubby did not even bop to any music! It’s crippling living up to other people’s expectations …but what can I say…I suppose we are all wired differently…I’m like say what you like, my hubby’s like …what will you say…he was so quiet yesterday…at least I had enough fun for both of us!

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