I do not aim to please…

Hubby is a people (pleaser) person…he would swear that he doesn’t mind what people think but he does. Me, on the other hand veer on the side of nonchalance. Why should I please you? Like I’m here for your entertainment… He’s always like what will ‘they’ think? And I’m like ‘whatever they like’. Why should it matter?  He used to say ‘keep your enemies close’ and I’m like first I ain’t got no enemies …only friends or acquaintances …why hang out with someone you don’t really like?  Rephrase…why hang out with people you don’t like at all. I don’t get it. If I disagree with someone, you would know immediately and the person would know first hand cos I make it a point to call people out. Why pretend it’s all good when both oarties know its not. So this family do, I’m escorting my hubby to, is cos he is already feeling the pressure. Said he was grilled about not arriving early enough to help set up…I will tell you…I was busy, (maybe next time) …sorry. But hubby is in a flap. Well, my wings are for preening, soaring to new heights but defo not flapping about for no good reason. So, I am his backup plan…in-laws tend not to stress him when I’m in the building. They are definitely giving me too much power. I am harmless…I just have this habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve and speaking my mind. Tell a lie…sometimes I try to keep schtum…but my eyes and body language are a big time giveaway!  If you ask me if I’m okay with a situation, I will tell you. So no hypothetical questions please. Wanting to ask if everything is fine as an icebreaker…you are joking!


  1. I am a people pleaser too. That has gotten me into trouble over the years. You want to do right by people but you don’t want to exhaust yourself in the process.

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