75 min of hot yoga (without breaking a sweat-ish)

First time practising hot yoga in months.

don’t know what I feel just yet….no knackered though. Feel like I just had a massage…yeah that’s what I feel.

It wasn’t a high intensity class or maybe I’m a lot stronger….no maybe….I am definitely a lot stronger than I think.

Need to stop doubting myself.


      1. Do you practise on your own? I practise in a class….my body kind of knew what to do. Don’t overthink it…try practising in a class. I don’t think I’m at the level at which I can practise (a whole sequence) on my own (yet).

      2. I do it on my own as I would be far too self conscious in a class setting. I’m quite socially awkward at the best of times, which is why I prefer solitude for my yoga posing efforts. 😛

      3. So do you use a ‘work out’ video? You are disciplined…I struggle with ‘work out’ videos….struggle to be consistent in practice. The only pose I practice on my own (every single morning) is the tree pose …incorporate it when I’m pulling on socks! (I know it’s good for balance). How long does a sequence of poses take you? 10 minutes or more? If I could practise on my own for 5 minutes every day…I’d be sorted!!!! Less expense!!! 😀

      4. I’m SO not disciplined. I miss as many days as I bother to do ’em, so no consistency here. I don’t even use a video as it’s something I’ve tried before without ever managing to stick to it. I do stick with it way more without one though, and I do the series of poses at my own pace. Usually it will take me 15-20 mins at least, sometimes longer if I really want to take my time. The poses where I stretch out and expand my chest are my favourites as they really do me a LOT of good.

      5. 15-20 minutes! Cool. (and without a video). So you do mainly floor poses like cobra, floor bow… ( I want to practise on my own!!!!…if I could) I would need visual prompts! Then I’d have to suss out what poses to do and for how long. That means ‘my tree pose’ is not even a proper tree pose (it’s not even with intention…just by the way)! One day….I’ll be able practise on my own …even if just for 10 minutes. How did you build up to a minimum of 15-20 minutes? What poses do you do for warm up and cool down? Do you do a standing sequence as well?

      6. That’s exactly it. And I take things at an even pace by holding each pose for nearly a minute. I do very basic stretches of all my limbs for warm up and cool down too. Can’t afford to get hurt while doing exercise, that’s for sure. My main focus is making sure my airways are all opened up and relaxed, and that my whole body has more stamina.

      7. Ah…(is a minute like 3 deep breaths for each pose?) One day I’m going to try to do at least 5 minutes. Not today…..one day soon. I need to get a big mirror and a mat first. (excuses, excuses but I will try to practise in my own). It makes so much sense cos you can practise anytime you like….not dependent on some class timetable. I’ll sort out some visual cues so I don’t stall too much and happily stay in child’s pose for most of my practice!

      8. I believe you can do it! And, yes, I take deep breaths for each pose. I don’t know how many as I don’t tend to count them. I just do whatever feels natural for me. 😀

      9. I’m going to try….(fingers crossed). Will let you know how I get on when I’m able to practise on my own. 😀🙏🏽 hopefully my body will just know what to do!

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