Heaven forbid…

I do not want instant locs!!!

Went to a stylist to get my hair coloured and she ‘tidied’ one of my budding locs with a crochet needle….it looked all locd up and she seemed….she was pleased as punch….telling me that’s how traditional locs look. I don’t care!!!! I live for the process….I abhor instant results!!!! To me….it’s all glitter and no gold….I cook instant oats. Can’t do the sixty second wham bam thank you mam. It’s too much for me…makes me wonder what I am missing out.

So no thank you ….no interlocking for me!

When I said my locs should be a bit more locd in July ….she scoffed. Telling me how locs that are not interlocked….(I’m semi free forming) …tend to drop off….(we’ll see). Basically I shouldn’t have lots of loose hair at the root cos it will thin out. Really???? (I assumed locs are created by shed hair matting). Telling me how I should do a bit more research….(well I have and I know what I want).

Saying semi freeform locs would end up being expensive. We’ll see.

Remarking on how my locs are all different sizes….and lengths (as though that’s a bad thing).

Locs change as they mature….

It’s all about process. With me ….process informs the product and not the other way round.

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