Crappy airlines

It took me forever to get a visa to Nigeria….meant to be attending my mother-in-law’s funeral.

Getting a visa was a hassle…that should have been a sign….I went all out to provide all the required documents…’signed’ invitation letter…email invitation letter won’t cut it…a letter from host stating the purpose of my visit…a £500+ bank balance, utility bills….so I paid for express two day service which cost £140 aside from visa processing fee which cost $168 about £123 plus passport pics £6 plus admin assistance £10. Okay…adding up. Ticket cost £700+

Now the fun part…the airline MedView is supposedly the airline of Nigeria 🇳🇬…never heard of MedView before…sceptical but ‘hoped’ hubby knew what he was doing when he bought airline tickets from MedView.

Getting to the airport I was happy as Larry assuming I would have a ‘smooth-ish’ flight. My fingers and toes were crossed. Then I smelt something funny…mentioned something about the air quality to my travel buddy, cousin-in-law. It was the air quality polluted by fumes….other passengers wondered if something was burning…I smelt it too. My first instinct was get me out of here. Then the pilot announced there ‘was a technical fault with the plane’…’a minor technical fault’. Said he’d get second expert opinion from maintenance and get back to us. Just over twenty minutes later, he informed us that plane will not fly for the safety of all on board. Disembarked…claimed luggage from arrivals. And waited from 11pm till 5.30 am in the cold airport lounge. Cos we were going to be booked into hotel for the ‘night’.

Woke up, stressed out

Never again will I fly MedView!!!

Just about had enough…I’m off home…not flying to Nigeria…wasted a whole week preparing to travel…spent sooo much. May my mum-in-law’s soul rest in perfect peace. This whole week has been not good. (Kudos to the pilot for his professionalism…shame to the airline for nonchalance)

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