Still musing over Soul of a nation

Loved it soooo much. Actually made me stop short and really pay attention to the way I create my artwork. No more shortcuts…take your time…give it 100%. The screen prints by Jadsworth Jarrell blew me away!

I still cannot get over the bodyprint by David Hammonds.

Don’t get me started on the photo montages by Romario Bearden.

It’s basically taken me a whole month to even begin talking about this exhibition. Emory Douglas…phew…what a legend. Graphic design at its finest!

Photographs by Roy DeCarava…have to be seen to be believed. And Barkley L Hendricks…talk about tongue in cheek. Could not stop sketching Elizabeth Catlett’s ‘Black Unity’ …amazing mahogany wood sculpture.

And I loooooved the impulsiveness of Lorraine O’Grady’s Art is… performance art at its finest.

So many other artists whose amazing work was on display really inspired me…taking photos was not enough.

I bought the illustrated exhibition book which documents over 200 artworks by over sixty artists. I just had to!

I’m now looking forward to ‘Dali and Duchamp’ which I plan to see next week. My toes are already curling in anticipation…Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp were just as quirky and irreverent as Barkley L Hendricks. I’m looking forward to my socks being blown off in awe!

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