Finally achieved that mind shift in which I’m an artist first, an employee second. In which, aside from bills that need to be paid I am loath to leave ‘the studio’… in which my first thought in the morning is not ‘work’ but ‘my artwork in progress’….in which the last thing I do at night is not pack my bag for work …. rather I wake up in the middle of the night and create.

I feel like I stopped midstream because of financial hurdles and rather than creating to my very best of my ability…I was creating to ‘sell’.

Of course the cost of production crosses my mind because I am vaguely aware of how many hours I have put in. But I’m not chasing my tail by rushing artwork in a bid to get it ready to market (in order to pay bills)….and ending up selling for next to nothing to make a buck. Now it’s all about the quality of time spent and artwork produced…and enjoying the process.

Selling is not driving creating anymore…

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