Catch 22 (will pass)

Now I really feel like I’m on holiday- and it’s such a good feeling. It’s actually beyond ‘I’m on holiday’….I feel I could live like this – get up in the morning, run some (of my own) errands, hot yoga, home, Netflix, relax- everyday….just that I’d be skint…I like to buy stuff, hot yoga is expensive, Netflix has to be paid for….I would not survive as a kept woman. (I like to earn my own keep)….I’d feel trapped.

I put lots of effort into the business of being self employed. However I work for an employer (aka the secondary school) to fund my business expenses. But I haven’t put much effort into my self employment this summer break…I’ve been recuperating (from the stress of being employed).

(sketch on flask)

Now after a month of rest the urge to produce work is so strong, that all I do is sketch non stop, which is great…and I want to carry on down this path….solely working for myself…however I need to pay bills whist producing work and if I’m working for an employer it is near impossible to find time to produce work. I am rambling.

Basically it’s taken me a whole month to get into the groove of creating artwork and I want to carry on doing this….but I’m skint. And I have no intention being a starving artist cos I don’t own my own home yet. If I did…I would wing it (nah, I wouldn’t). I would want to eat…I haven’t got green fingers so I’d probably go hungry. I don’t like the idea of skip diving either.

So…I wish I was loaded and never had to work for an employer….just spend time creating artwork.

I need to find a way to make ends meet. The ends are ‘finished artwork’ and ‘funds’.

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