Thank you!!!! 

I am so grateful for all the amazing people who follow my blog…encouraging me to continuously participate in this learning process…simply by following this thought process….I am encouraged to think!  Most times, I am truly gobsmacked by the amazing bloggers who follow me or even ‘like’ what I have to say…I go to their blogs and I’m lost for words. I still struggle to see what other bloggers see in me…but I’m getting there (slowly). 

 I am adept at blagging….it’s something I do when pushed…I just run my mouth…inside I’m quaking. But this awesome community of bloggers has changed that…I’m gaining in confidence. I’m beginning to blag less… (and think more). I am learning to hold my tongue. Blogging has become my ‘go to’ when I feel low. A massive ‘pick me up’. 

I have learnt so much…simply by reading so very many interesting posts and comments. 

I wish every blogger a Happy New Year!!!

(Thank you all for impacting my life so positively)



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