Inside out growth (reblog)

Trying my hand at reblogging…this post was first published in September. Reblogging…(what a brilliant idea)

I have had a mental shift ever since I started blogging avidly in May this year. Confidence just creeps up on you and manifests boldly. Breaks down barriers that one has singlehandedly put up. Sifts through the murk of lassitude and the worry of failure by strengthening the voice within. My ‘no’ has become more vehement and my ‘yes’ more decisive as I manoeuvre life choices. 

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. (Lao Tzu)
If I had known years ago how beneficial blogging actually is…but I do now…and it is AWESOME. Growth is simply phenomenal. I want to find a way to encourage my son to blog…but at the moment he is so not interested…says he won’t find time to blog. However…(challenge accepted), I am going to set up a WordPress Blog for him…(should I do that???…sounds a bit intrusive). Nah…(challenge not accepted)…it’s totally up to him! Wow…I have definitely grown. 


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