Matthew Robins is genius!  Saw his shadow puppetry yesterday and it was gobsmackingly brilliant. Never been to see shadow puppetry before, aside from glimpses of ‘hand shadows’ on the wall that my brother would make to make me laugh or scare me!  This show was the queen bee of all bees’ knees. I could not look away if I tried. I was a child all over again!!!  

And he sings the stories of the shadow puppets! …accompanied by brilliant musicians. I’m like whaaa??? (almost pinching myself…to check I’m not dreaming). The best show I have seen all year (so far). I was ‘bele-ful’ (pidgin English)…well and truly stuffed with elation!  What a feast!

It was shown in a small garden cafe in some nondescript community allotment but what a show!!! The setting…the show…genius. 


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