Baroque-inspired ‘happening’

I hate having a cold!! I’m just glad I recorded ‘the happening’ I went to see at the Tate last week. At some point I’ll freeze one of the frames and sketch the dancers…just not right now. I’m only blogging about it cos my cold has let up a bit. Even then, still can’t chat much…‘happening’ was inspired by Baroque…classically trained dancers performing sprezzatura poses and gestures. Too tired to even go into detail about sprezzatura…apart from the fact that mannerisms had to be very la-de-da. Tired, man…(this cold is awful!). Blurb says something about the artist Pablo Bernstein choreographing gestures and movements from a Baroque dance alongside minimalist style of contemporary dance. So very well thought out…I just can’t chat much…  Sprezzatura is an Italian concept originating from Baldassare Castiglione’s Book of the courtier. Love the inspiration behind the happening…brings to mind pre-Raphaelite paintings inspired by poems and plays. That’s it…this cold is something else.


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