Juggling choices

I am knackered!! Burn out!! Too tired to even think! I have put all my energy into work as a supply teacher…I have got the hang of it and really enjoy the role…but I need to learn to save some energy for myself and I don’t know how yet. Covering lessons isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It’s actually quite interesting. However, I need to find time to focus on my other (rather passionate) interests- art. I mean this week I have covered Maths, Computing, Geography, Spanish, Music., Biology and Chemistry Computing was interesting because of the design element of the lesson when students had to plan and design posters using Photoshop, Spanish was pretty good surprisingly (thank goodness for Spanish dictionaries). I winged it!! Music was a bit iffy…cos I cannot read music but I was able to just about keep learners on task…

The only way this teaching business will work (in conjunction with my art practice) is when I get my QTS (qualified teacher status) cos then I could focus on teaching only Art and Design rather than winging my way through subjects that are not my specialism. 

Right now (without QTS) I’m basically unqualified to teach in secondary school…(I never planned to teach in secondary school). My Diploma in Education and Training qualifies me to teach in colleges which is exactly what I planned to do when I took the teaching course. But now that I have my Diploma, teaching in secondary school seems fun. I have always liked being able to pick and choose so I’m not exactly surprised I’m going for QTS!  

could concentrate on getting a job in FE as an Art and Design lecturer but nooo!!…want the QTS cos the grass is always greener…and I can’t help juggling choices. 

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