Waiting can be sketchy!

Today has been pretty interesting…thank God for pencils ✏️ and sketch pads! I would have been bored out of my head!!!!! It could have been that bad!  Instead I spent the entire time I should have been working as a cover teacher, sketching in the staff room!!! I better get paid for time not wasted (thanks to sketching). 

Just sitting in a staffroom drawing potted plants! What a day!!! I could have been in the studio! Hmmm!  I had even just about started on another sketch when I decided enough was enough and called the Agency to complain. A lovely lady explained that it often happens, teachers get booked to come in to a school only for the ‘absent’ teacher who works for the school to turn up. So basically sitting in the staffroom ensures I get paid for turning up. Good for them! Waiting for the pay slip! 

Next time I get called to that school I’m going to make sure I have aqua markers and maybe even a tin of watercolours…might as well go the whole hog if there is a possibility of being booked for staffroom duty. Sitting waiting on standby in a school to possibly cover a teaching period. No sirree!!! Not without ammunition to save me from boredom! (oh yeah…not politically correct to use ammunition and school in the same context) oops 🙊 


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