It can be pretty easy to capitulate and allow oneself to get sidetracked ignoring…nah shelving one’s own deepseated interests…but not today. I had just about had it and decided to take a breather and do a couple of things that I have put off for so long. I visited Bunhill Fields, it’s been a gravesite for over a thousand years and used to be known as Bonehill. I sat and sketched tombstones…

Hubby always makes the sign of the cross when driving past graves as though to ward off evil and I find it hilarious…whaa? sign of the cross when going past bones? seriously?  Well, the Bunhill Fields was nice and calm…and I’m going to keep going back till I fill a sketchbook with tombstones!

The cemetery was founded circa 1660 as a burial ground for non conformists, dissenters and radicals. 


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