Holding on (to junk)

I cannot get my head round hoarding…why does everything have to be kept? There is a jute bag full of ‘I don’t know what’ that hubby’s cousin left behind six years ago. It lives in the shed. There is an exhaust pipe, a roller blind, a water pump, license plates….and gazillion (at least ten) random items…that live in the shed. There are clothes last worn at least 20 years ago still in this house. I do not get it. Why can’t hubby let go of random, never ever ever used items?  He’s got shoes all over the place…that he probably last wore 15 years ago. Every so often he would bring some random thing home and asked if I want it….no, I do not!  I keep asking if he will get rid of his cousin’s jute bag by the time he turns 60 or 70?  This is the story of the jute bag in the shed…six years ago, hubby’s cousin broke up with his girlfriend…so, he asked ever so politely if he could leave a bag of stuff in the shed. He has not been to collect this bag of stuff in six years…so please tell me…why do we still have this junk in the shed, taking up space. Because hubby has this warped notion that if someone leaves something in your house, no matter how long, you keep it for the person. Really? And rob storage companies of much needed business. Why can hubby not see that he is being taken for a mug? And so am I by association…and it really irritates me. I am going to start emptying that jute bag on the sly and basically chucking handfuls of whatever is in it away!!!

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