Going it alone…

My word! Another pretty fun day…Trafalgar Square is so beautiful at night! 

I know what I should do more often…go sketching…(any square will do…but preferably Trafalgar Square)…and I seriously need to go out n about with SLR!!!  I’m going to start going out more often…(better than being so indoor-sy). I do go out but it’s usually going from a to b…I just need to go chill out and make observational studies. First of all, I would like to sketch the Gift Horse (sculpture by Hans Haacke) which is currently on the fourth plinth. Yeah… sounds like a brilliant pastime…(sketching the ever changing sculptures on fourth plinth…or basically sketching sculptures…period). London is full of public art… so many sculptures (I could be so well entertained…if I follow this through). Every weekend could be bliss…me, sketch pad, camera, (probable) sandwiches…

Trafalgar Square used to be one of my haunts when I was younger and now I know why…it’s intriguing and bustling. Just wish…I didn’t have to go alone….nah (forget that)…I don’t mind going alone…always go to see exhibitions alone anyway! And I am a bit partial to my own company when it comes to art…I do suppose company would be fun but I wouldn’t know… So I went to see Painters’ Paintings (exhibition at National Gallery) and as per usual…brilliant!

The National Gallery has late openings on Fridays (from 6 to 9pm)!  I need to get out of the habit of waiting till an exhibition is about to come down before going to see it…I do that all the time!!!! Not good.

 I think I should go to the Tate Modern this weekend…(don’t know if there are any curated exhibitions on)…just go see and get both challenged and inspired.  Just get out the house…(and get out my head a bit). 


  1. You live in a wonderful place, be a shame not to take advantage. It is a wonderful idea. Notebook, sketch pad, camera, paints! Go for it. I will take my own advice. Soon. I promise. REALLY!!!

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