For better; for worse

Okay…I put my hands up…I am most definitely brushing stuff under the carpet…not dealing with issues. Have no idea how to deal with the way I feel right now. I’m playing ‘ignoring the elephant in the room’… Okay, maybe not. But…well…I suppose every marriage goes through an iffy period. I am … I don’t know…lackadaisical? Just sitting tight and waiting for my nonchalance to blow over I guess. I kinda suspect we both are…too lazy to fight, too laid back to make an effort. We’re at the mutual understanding stage…(denial!!!)…I am most definitely ignoring the elephant in the room. Have no intention of opening this can of worms marked ‘bored’…so I’m going all out to keep myself entertained. I will get through this…(that sounds awful- it’s not pulling teeth). Okay…I am positive I have not caught a belated ‘seven year itch’ cos can’t be bothered scratching…I think we might be growing apart (a little) and at some point we might have to address this…just not right now…(the chasm’s not that wide yet)…and even if it was, I bet we’ll find a way to bridge it. But right now, let’s just drift…(not living in each other’s pockets, is a good thing). 


    1. I don’t know…it’s many tiny things like ‘hardly ever being on the same page’. Too many compromises have made me not find him that ‘interesting’ anymore. He is fun but not funny…you know what maybe I’m just nit-picking…

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