I had a brill time today…I’m always a bit wary of networking parties but this was really good…the view from the rooftop!! And it’s all to do with this lovely weather we are having…I cannot get enough of it!  It’s so continental!! I loooove rooftop parties!! Props to the organisers for such a good spread. And I did network… got some links to a 3D printing service…(pinoko) defo looking forward to using them. Next time I’m going to any rooftop party, SLR it is…not dissing my phone…takes good spur of the moment pics but the SLR would do so much better…(only catch is that it’s not digital)…so would have to process the films but I can work with that. (At some point I need to invest in a DSLR…) Meanwhile…my phone is not too shabby! 

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