I am on the cusp, as expectation…anticipation dogs my steps. I’m doing my best to calmly enjoy this fourty-ninth year…everything seems in slow-mo. My hair is teaching me patience with its shrinkage! I am itching for a ponytail that doesn’t require a lot of tugging. I’ll be the big 5-0 next year…half a century old. I remember when my mum turned 50, she swanned off to Dubai and had such a swell time. Wow…(I might just retire at 60…don’t know yet). Just feel like I have laid such much groundwork and now it’s time to enjoy the party. I might even emigrate to a different country for the fun of it…no I won’t…My son would be 21! (God’s grace). My niece will be 21! The impending independence is exhilarating. 

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